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Websites are ongoing projects that need regular maintenance, like a flower needs water
Our goal is to provide access to affordable, professional website support, maintenance and management for businesses of all sizes running websites on WordPress. We have been providing support solely to WordPress users since 2011, meaning we really are experts when it comes to the world’s most popular CMS.

its what you can do for your website,
but What your website can do for you

What is website design

When you are running your business the last thing you need is to be worrying about your website. Our team of friendly, helpful WordPress experts are on hand to take that worry away, leaving you free to concentrate on doing what you do best, running your business or writing excellent content for your readers.

Peace of mind

When things go wrong, it’s nice to know that there are real people waiting to help. Our team of friendly website support experts are just a phone call away, ready to fix anything from a little niggle to a WordPress catastrophe.


It’s even nicer when those people are monitoring your website to help prevent things from going wrong in the first place. We will update and monitor your website, preventing issues before they arise and ensuring that if anything major does go wrong, we’ll be the first to know.


A slow websites can hurt your business and frustrate your customers, meaning lost sales.
We will run reports and provide recommendations on how to improve the speed and quality of your website.

building websites the right way

8 step design Process

Why follow a process at all you might be saying? Because this type of process will allow us to:
Get really clear about what the goals of the site are. | Know what the site’s visitors want (after all they’re the ones using it).
Gain an insight into users’ goals and behaviour.
 |Get a good picture of the personality and style of the design.
Without this, we’re designing ‘blind’, essentially just delivering something pretty with no awareness of your audience, targets or goals

Concept and Consultation

We start with a discussion on the scope of the project which provides a solid foundation before we begin. Your project is then defined using the Creative Brief (a Wufoo form which I ask all potential clients to fill in), which is often referred back to during the project. By clearing defining the concept we are able to map out the goals and requirements of the entire project before moving on.


We will then create sketches of the layout which are turned into wireframes (using the grey-box method) for review and approval before the design process begins.
A wireframe is a basic mockup of the page without any design elements which gives a stragetic view of the positioning of elements within the layout and shows how the content will flow on the page. It is an important step in determining the placement of content, function and navigation. It is used to iron out any problems or missing elements, and will act as the blueprint for the content, design and construction work that comes later.


We then build the design into working prototypes using. These are presented and given feedback on all aspects of the build. This is where incoporating a CMS also takes place (if required). We work together to polish and tweak until the build is finalised and complete.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Once the site is launched I will do a thorough link check and monitor the site for 7 days to squash any potential problems that may arise. Once the monitoring period is over I can set up a maintenance plan if desired.


Once there is a clear concept for the project, we move into discovery and research. I get to know and understand the exact needs of the project along with research into users needs and goals, target audience or demographic until there is a complete outline. I also build up a thorough picture of the personality and intended style of the website.
Depending on the scale and complexity of the project we may then move into creating a visual sitemap of the project which is essential for organisation of content on larger projects.


Once the wireframes are approved we move onto the design phase. The wireframes are taken and given the design treatment and polished. They are then presented for feedback and iteration as necessary until approved.

Testing, Launch & Signoff

Although the project is tested through each stage of the build, this stage involves a complete usability test across all platforms and browsers, checking for cross-platform functionality and appearance. Together we will use a combination of my own testing environments and do a complete check, with the results forwarded onto you for review. We are then ready for launch!


The review is to walk thru the site as if you was a real user every 3 to 6 months and see if the process and flow of the site still works against any changes in the company or way of working. 

building websites the right way


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